Graphic Design Specifications for Artwork
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Graphic Specifications for Artwork

Artwork Specifications
Accepted Electronic Graphics File Formats

The bulleted list below defines the types of electronic graphics files that can be used by RGI graphics staff for prepress production. Electronic graphics files provided by the client have to be completely ready for placement on product design or output to a postscript printer without any manipulation by our graphics staff. The graphics staff can only create, manipulate, and color separate needed graphic elements created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. If files are not in a format that is listed below as COMPATIBLE FILE FORMAT, a graphics charge of $68/hr will be incurred.

Files can be accepted via e-mail to graphics@rgipublications.com or on disk - 3.5” Disk, Zip Disk (100 mb, 250 mb, 750 mb), or CD. IMPORTANT - A quality hardcopy of all files must be provided to verify printed appearance. This can faxed to (913) 829-7577.


PC FORMATS - Listed in order of most preferred to least preferred
A. Adobe Illustrator (.ai) - versions CS4 thru CC: Embed all images, include fonts on disk, work in CMYK colors, do not flatten image, and save as .ai file
B. Encapsulated Postscript (.eps) - Only use when saving vector images. Don’t save .psd files as .eps.
C. Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) - versions 9 thru CC: Please preserve editing capabilities if possible.
D. Adobe Photoshop (.psd) - versions CS4 thru CC: Do not flatten images, keep image at a minimum of 300 dpi., work in CMYK colors and save as .psdfile.
E. Tagged Image Format (.tif) - 300 dpi ONLY: Use default settings and do not compress file, we cannot modify these images.
F. Joint Picture Export Group (.jpg) - 300 dpi ONLY: Least preferred, we cannot modify these images.

A. Only Adobe applications (i.e. Illustrator, Acrobat, Photoshop).
B. The appropriate extensions must be included in the file name (i.e. .ai, .pdf, .psd).
C. These files must include all fonts with extensions, complete layers, and embedded images.
D. Must include an additional copy of each file with all text outlined.
E. You must follow the format specifications listed in the above PC information.


Inks and Materials
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Frequently Asked Questions About Graphics

For more detailed information on graphics submission, see our Artwork Specifications.

Can I send artwork electronically?
Yes. Your graphic file can be sent by e-mail to graphics@rgipublications.com. When sending art via e-mail, please include your PO#, company contact information and project name in the subject line or cover letter. Your file will be reviewed and you will be contacted if there are any questions or corruption with the file or transfer. You will need to call or e-mail us to verify that we have received your art. We do not send out confirmations of receipt.

Can I use a graphic from the internet for a product or ad layout?
Not usually. Graphics on the internet are not meant for print media. They are not of high enough quality or resolution to provide quality printing. Using internet graphics should be avoided, especially photos.

What programs should I use to prepare my files?
Photoshop, Illustrator or any graphic design program will work in designing your artwork. More important that the program is the format in which you save your file. See the information on file formats.

What file format should I use?
Use .ai when possible. Otherwise, the following formats are acceptable. All files must be converted and you should include all fonts and objects when submitting your art. All four color artwork must be in CMYK.

    • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files - versions 9.0 thru CC
    • Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files - versions CS4 thru CC
    • Adobe Photoshop (.psd) files - versions CS4 thru CC
    • Tagged Image Format (.tif) files - 300 DPI only
    • Joint Picture Expert Group (.jpg) files - 300 DPI only
    • Encapsulated Postscript (.eps) files - versions CS4 thru CC

Can I send my artwork to RGI on disk or CD?
Yes. All files must be converted to PC format on PC formatted disks or CD and include all fonts. Disks and CD’s will not be returned unless a self addressed, stamped envelope is included. RGI does not assume responsibility for improper postage or failure of the postal service to deliver.

Why are items like business cards and stationery insufficient as camera ready art work?
These are items that have already been printed, and are most times not scannable. When scanned, they pick up the dot pattern & the printing gets very muddy. Compare it to making a copy of a copy. If that is all you have for artwork go ahead & send it in. We will try it to work with it, but cannot guarantee the quality of the finished product.

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